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  This edition, we are going to South Korea. During May and June 2002 many people came here from all over the world. Do you know why? My clothes are a clue!
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Jack On the map, you can see North Korea, South Korea, and two powerful neighbours - do you know the names of these countries? Here's a couple of clues … the smaller country hosted the World Cup 2002 tournament with South Korea. The bigger country is home to about 1,300,000,000 people, the largest population of any country in the world. Rollover the countries to see if you were right.
Map of Korea and its neighbouring countries Map of Korea and its neighbouring countries Map of Korea and its neighbouring countries
Why is Korea split into two countries? Harry
Cecile Back in the 1950s, the people in the two halves of Korea could not agree on the country's future. War broke out between north and south, and afterwards, South Korea separated from North Korea. Many South Korean families have not seen their relatives in the North since.
Today, South Korea is one of the Asian countries that is nicknamed, "a tiger". Jack
Harry Does that mean that lots of tigers live in South Korea?

Korean Shopping Centre ©Jean-Léo Dugast/Panos Pictures
JackNo, South Korea is known as a tiger because the country developed very quickly. In the 1950s most South Koreans were poor, but now living standards in South Korea are similar to the UK. Have a look at this modern shopping centre in the capital city, Seoul, for instance! Visit the data file page to compare living standards in South Korea and the UK yourself.

Cecile Much of South Korea's success is down to its people. Go to the people page to find out more about them. You can find out more about South Korea at the following websites:
www.cwd.go.kr/english/children/country/index.php and for photos on many areas of South Korea go to www.lifeinkorea.com/cgi-bin/pictures.cfm
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