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Most South Koreans speak Han'gul. Han'gul is very different to any other language. The letters are different from our alphabet. Reading words in Han'gul is different too because you have to read them from top to bottom as well as from left to right.

Practise reading Han'gul yourself! Roll your cursor over the word written in Han'gul. What word does it spell?

Click herefor the answer.


Harry Visit Focus on Communications/Languages to find out more about languages in different parts of the world.
Myths and legends are very popular in South Korea. Parents tell them to their children, and so on. This way, these stories are passed from one generation to another. Some of them are very old. Cecile
One of the most popular legends is about Tan-gun and how Korea began.
Click hereto read the story.
Once you have read the story, you can write your own storyboard about Tan-gun. Think how you could divide the story up into six parts, each with its own picture and short description.
Click hereto print out a storyboard for you to draw your pictures and write your descriptions.
Jack These children are dressed up for Chusok, one of South Korea's most important festivals. Do you ever dress up for a festival or celebration?

Children dressed for Chusok ©Jean-Léo Dugast/Panos Pictures

Chusok is a big festival that happens half-way through the eighth moon of the year. Families make special food to share with their neighbours, like rice cakes in the shape of a half moon. They prepare food for their ancestors too. This is a way of saying thanks. Cecile

To find more photos of festivals in South Korea go to www.lifeinkorea.com/cgi-bin/pictures.cfm and click on festivals.

Jack The position of the moon is also important in marking the beginning of the New Year in South Korea. This happens in late January or in February when the first moon appears. Like the Chinese, South Koreans believe that everybody born in one year shares the characteristics of a particular animal.
There are twelve different years in all, each with its own animal. After twelve years, the list of animals starts all over again. To find your animal year, roll over the different icons until you find the year you were born. Harry
Rat Pig Dog
Rooster Monkey Sheep
Horse Snake
Cecile Now visit www.lifeinkorea.com/culture/astrology/astrology.cfm and click on the name of your animal. This will tell you what people born in your year are supposed to be like. Does it describe you correctly?
You could make a poster about you and your animal year and win a prize! Click on the competitions page to find out more. Jack
Harry Visit http://korea.insights.co.kr/english/forkid/index.html to learn more about people in South Korea.
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