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JackIn this Global Eye, we are going back to India. In Spring 2002, we visited people that live in the Himalayan Mountains in the northeast. This time we are going to one of the world's biggest cities called Mumbai.

From Bombay to Mumbai

Mumbai India

Mumbai is on the western coast of India. It has a huge port and is the capital city of India's Maharashtra state. Long ago, this piece of land was actually seven islands. Click on Mumbai on the map to find out how these islands became one big city on one big island.Harry


HarryWith 16 million people, Mumbai is a very, very big city. About twice as many people live in Mumbai than London - so can you work out how many people live in London? Click on the Question mark for the answer.

JackOn the map you can find out the population of the world's ten biggest cities in 2000, and how many people are expected to live in these cities in 2015. In 2000, Mumbai was the world's fifth biggest city, and some think that it will become the biggest city in the world one day. Click on the cities to find out where Mumbai will stand in the Top 10 by 2015.


JackSo Mumbai is still growing - people from all over India come here to make their fortune. Go to the next page to find out more.

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