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"In my view, climate change is the most severe problem that we are facing today, more serious even than the threat of terrorism."
This was a warning from David King, Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government in February 2004. In 2005, climate change and what we should do about it, is likely to continue to be a hot news topic.

What is Climate Change?
Climate-related damage in the USA is reaching record levels.
Climate-related damage in the USA is reaching record levels.
© David Constantine/Panos Pictures

Ask an Expert   Geography in the News

A growing number of people believe that greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are quickening the pace of climate change.
Click here for a spreadsheet of data taken from the 2004 UN Human Development Report. Which countries are releasing the most carbon dioxide? And is there any link between carbon dioxide emissions and the amount of electricity consumed?

Weird Weather
Many believe that we do not have to wait for changes in the climate - they are already here. Click on the map to find out about some record-breaking weather in 2004.

For a more detailed world map that shows early warning signs of climate change, visit

For images that show signs of climate change in different parts of the world, visit:

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