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Individual Action


Climate change is a big, complicated issue with lots of unanswered questions. But there are plenty of things we can do as individuals ...

Opponents to the US government's withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol have protested in different ways. Click on the images to find out how.

White House
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Measure your footprint!

Change your habits!
Film stars like Orlando Bloom are featured on, to show their concern for changes in our climate. The website gives advice on what things we can do as individuals to reduce the greenhouse gases we produce.
Orlando Bloom

Other sites with top tips worth checking out are:
UK Government Department of the Environment & Rural Affairs
Energy Efficiency
Cool Kids for a Cool Climate

Click here to find out about collecting data.
Another thing you can do is to collect data so we can gain a more accurate picture of how the climate is changing. Click on the icon to find out more.

Join a campaign!
And there are many campaigns that you can join to do something about climate change to draw attention to those individuals, companies and countries that are not!

The Greenpeace campaign site
The World Wildlife Fund's Climate Chaos and Power Switch campaigns
Climate Concern UK
People and Planet's 'Climate Change' campaign
Friends of the Earth UK's Climate Challenge site and their Press for Change campaign.

Save our Climate
The logo for Greenpeace's campaign to take action against climate change.