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Rebuilding Beirut
Palestinians in Lebanon
The Bekaa Valley
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Lebanon is about the size of Yorkshire, yet its people come from an amazing mixture of backgrounds and religious groups. Itís a young nation too - 60% of the Lebanese are under 25 years old. Lebanese young people

What do you know about Lebanon?

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Lebanon sits in the heart of the Middle East.
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Lebanon frequently hit world headlines during the 1975-1990 civil war. Troops from neighbouring Israel and Syria also occupied Lebanon. The last of the Israeli troops pulled out in 2000, and in 2005 Syrian forces withdrew after 29 years of occupation.

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In March 2005, 800,000 people poured into Beirut to demand an end to Syrian occupation. The protest marked the fourth week after former Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri was killed in a car bomb. Many believe that Syria was responsible. Hariri was an extremely wealthy business tycoon who poured billions into the re-building of Lebanon at the end of the civil war. Beirut demo March 2005
Beirut demo, March 2005
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The war-torn streets of downtown Beirut are being restored to re-claim the cityís nickname, "the Paris of the East".

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