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Why did a supermodel back out of a job promoting Londonís latest diamond outlet?

Use the images as clues. Click on them to view a larger version.

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve
Based on a map produced by Survival International.
poster stunt
© Survival

Wildlife in Central Kalahari Game Reserve

© Survival

De Beers test mine shaft
© Fiona Watson/Survival

Roy Sesana

© Survival
Bushman woman
© Survival


to see if you solved the mystery.

If you have RealPlayerRealPlayer listen to sound clips and/or watch video clips on the issue.
Survival International (scroll down the page).
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What do you think about this issue? Who do you think is right?

This is a picture of a young Bushman. How do you think the issue will affect his future? Bushman boy
© Survival

This is not the only kind of conflict over diamonds.

Go to the Conflict Diamonds page to find out more.