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The Diamond Chain
Conflict Diamonds
Cleaner Diamonds
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Diamonds are the gem of gems. Ancient Greeks thought that diamonds were splinters of stars fallen to Earth, and disputes over diamonds have even led to wars.

What do you know about diamonds?

Have a go at the quiz to see how much of a diamond geezer you are!

Diamond quiz

Diamond life

Diamonds are very special yet they are made of carbon, a substance found everywhere.

Run the animation to find out where most of them come from.

Looking for diamonds

© Simon Scoones
© Simon Scoones

Become a diamond prospector!

Which of these three environments might be hiding your fortune in diamonds?
What clues might you look for to discover a cache of diamonds?

Click here to see if you’re right.
© Peter Bucktrout/British Antarctic Survey


The environments of some countries are loaded with diamonds. Use the map to find the world’s top ten diamond-producing countries:

What happens to a rough diamond once it’s mined? And why does it cost nearly £600 per carat if you want to buy one?

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